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Links to your WPB2D Backups

No need to remember settings

You can choose the backup that you wish to restore.

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Simple progress feedback

Know what is going on

Each step gives you simple instructions and user friendly feedback.

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No need to install WordPress

Your backup has it all

Thats right, just install the wizard and your site will be up in no time.


Restore your website in just five steps

WPB2D Simple Restore is WordPress backup restore tool designed to get your website, that has been backed up with WPB2D, back online in five simple steps.

Just upload and unzip the restore wizard on your server in the directory you wish to restore your site to.

Then follow the five simple steps in order to get your WordPress blog restored in no time!

Restore your WordPress blog

Download now
  • Download WPB2D Simple Restore
  • Upload it to your sever
  • Extract the zip archive
  • Go to
  • Follow the five simple steps
  • Enjoy your restored website!